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Hiding pages

Every page of the course can have a week number assigned. This can be a week when a laboratory exercise or a lecture is taking place, or a week for finishing an assignment. The week number of a page is displayed in the course menu.

The week number can be specified using the number in the beginning of a file name (e.g., or using a Week metadate in the page header. Metadata have higher priority.

Hiding modules for future weeks

In the it4kt.yml configuration file you can specify how many weeks of the course you want to publish:

published-weeks: 5

As the result all materials assigned to later weeks would be hidden. Their titles would still be displayed in the course menu, but their content would not be accessible.


Published week number is not updated automatically. If you want to publish the modules for the next week, you need to change it manually and push the change to the GitLab.

Publication of specific pages

You can fine-tune publication of specific pages using the Publication-week metadata key. For example, a page is describing an assignment that should be finished by the 5. week, but the assignment specification can be shown to the student starting from the 2. week.

Title: First assignment
Week: 5
Publication-week: 2