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Course configuration and metadata is stored in the it4kt.yml file in the root of the course.

Example configuration with description of keys

  title: Course name
  acronym: CN         # Used only by Bootstrap theme

folders:              # Folders with pages
  - path: lectures    # Path of the folders
    title: Lectures   # Title to be displayed in the menu
  - path: labs
    title: Labs
    type: scenario    # Type of pages in the folder
  - path: assignments
    title: Assignments

links:                # External links displayed in the end of the menu
  - title: Moodle

published-weeks: 5    # Weeks that should be visible for students

  name: light         # Name of the theme
  footnote: Some text # Text to display in the footer of the pages

  extra-languages:    # List of addition languages for syntax highlighting
    - haskell         # Any language supported by highlight.js can be added
    - kotlin          # See

  service:  # Deployment service URL
  code: example-course                   # Code of the course
  lecturer-credentials: 'login:password' # Lecturer login and password

# Analytics HTML code to be included in production page header
analytics-code: '<script defer data-domain="" src=""></script>'