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Pages Format

IT4KT Builder supports writing course content in the legacy XML format and the new format based on Markdown.

KpiMark aims for maximum readability and intuitiveness of writing and editing of pages. For this reason it uses two techniques of specifying structure of a page:

  1. sections represented by level 2 headers starting with a special keyword,
  2. blocks represented by blockquotes with a keyword in the first line.

Title of the course and additional metadata are specified as key-values pairs in the header of the file.

All keywords and metadata keys can be localized — used in both Slovak and English language.


Title: Page begins with metadata
Week: 1

## Objectives

1. {objective-id} Objective description.

## Introduction

Description of the scenario.

## Step {objective-id}

Step description.

> Task:
> Do this.

> Comment:
> Some additional notes.

> Warning:
> Beware of excessive use of XML.

> Lecturer:
> This text is visible only for lecturer.

## Resources

1. Some resource.

## Additional Resources

1. Another resource.

## Additional Tasks

> Task:
> Do that.


English Slovak Type Description
Title Nadpis string Title of the page
Subtitle Podnadpis string Subtitle with additional description
Week Týždeň number Semester week for the page
Publication-week Týždeň-zverejnenia number Semester week, when the page would be published
Validation Validácia strict or None Validation mode for the page

All metadate keys, except the title, are optional.

Metadata block can be optionally surrounded by --- delimiters:

Title: Title of the page

Special sections

English Slovak
Objectives Ciele
Introduction Úvod
Step Krok
Resources Zdroje
Additional resources Doplňujúce zdroje
Additional tasks Doplňujúce úlohy
Summary Záver


Slovak keyword: Ciele

Section must contain a list (ordered or unordered) of the course material objectives.

Objectives can have identifiers written in curly braces. They are used to interconnecting them with the steps of the scenario.

## Ciele

- {organization} Oboznámiť sa s organizáciou predmetu
- {platforms} Rozlíšiť druhy **platformy Java**


Slovak keyword: Úvod

The introduction section describes the starting points for a specific module. For example, basic terms and definitions, key facts, references to teaching materials (lectures, scripts, textbooks), etc.

The aim of this part is to introduce the student to the issue, including an explanation of the connection of this module with the context of the subject (lectures, seminars, examinations).


Slovak keyword: Krok

The scenario page should contain multiple steps forming that help to achieve the objectives. Steps should contain tasks, examples, and other supportive material.

Each step can have a title (written after a colon) and a list of objectives (in curly braces).

## Krok: Nepovinný názov kroku {organization}

Ďalší Markdown text kroku

## Krok {platforms}

Ďalší Markdown text kroku


Slovak keyword: Zdroje

A list of resources that students should use to study the module. A resource can be downloadable material, a book, an internet link, etc.

Additional Resources

Slovak keyword: Doplňujúce zdroje

A list of supplementary resources beyond the basic content of the module (exercise).

Additional Tasks

Slovak keyword: Doplňujúce tasks

A list of optional supplementary tasks for active students. The tasks should be formatted as task blocks.


Slovak keyword: Záver

Conclusion and summarization of the module.

Blocks (admonitions)

Blocks are written using Markdown blockquotes syntax with a keyword followed by the colon on the first line. Each line of the block must be preceded with the > character.

English Slovak Extras
Task Úloha
Solution Riešenie *
Result Výsledok *
Comment Poznámka
Warning Upozornenie
Lecturer Vyučujúci
Example Príklad titled
Wrong Example Zlý Príklad titled

Available Extras:

  • * (asterisk sign): If present, makes an admonition to be collapsible (show/hide). Admonition decorated with this modifier is hidden by default. Use this modifier as postfix of keyword.

    > Result*:
    > Content of an Result admonition.
  • titled: An admonition can contain a title. Syntax is similar to sections:

    > Example: Title of the Example
    > Content of the Example admonition.

Task, Solution, Result

Task block defines a single task that a student should solve.

Immediately after the task, a solution or a result can be provided as a separate block. Result and solution can be hidden by default if you place an asterisk after the keyword.

> Úloha:
> Vyriešte kvadratickú rovnicu
> $$ x^2 - x - 2 = 0 $$

> Výsledok*:
> -1 and 2

Comment and Warning

Comment block can provide additional information helping a student solving tasks. Warngin block can be used to point out typical errors and problems.

Example and Wrong Example

Example block is used to present example solution and to illustrate presented principles. You can also use wrong example block to show typical errors and incorrect solutions.

Examples and wrong examples can have an optional title written after the keyword:

> Example: Title of the Example
> Content of the Example block.


Lecturer block is used for some additional noted available only for teachers. Contents of the block are shown only on the lecturer version of the site.

Media Elements

There are some special interactive elements that are ready to be used for video and audio. Use them with following syntax:

![Alt for video](youtube:youtube-video-id "Optional title of the video")

![Alt for video](video:url-or-local-path)

![Alt for audio](audio:url-or-local-path)